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Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor

Comprehensive external static control for natural gas operations

Ionix Gas Technologies experience in static suppression in the natural gas industry has lead to the development of our Aerosol Static Suppressor for field repair operations when selective external static suppression is required.


Ionix IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is a state of the art antistat.

Soapy water is simply a crude electrical ground and not an antistat. Our aerosol is ready to use. It contains NO auto antifreeze which means no hazardous chemical exposure to workers and no state disposal issues!


Click here to see a 60 second demo of our Aerosol using a LIVE static meter to measure static dissipation!

Why IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is less expensive to use to dissipate static than "free" rags or burlap

 At first glance, soapy burlap or rags would seem the cheaper method to eliminate static since rags are free. Generally it costs from $1 to $2 per application of IGT Aerosol to treat a surface for static. Assuming you have a hourly labor rate of $25 per hour (or 41 cents per minute), unless your men can wrap, wet and stake to ground the job in less than 8 minutes, your "free" rags are actually costing you more to use than a state of the art anti-static aerosol spray. And the higher your hourly rate, the more you save using IGT Aerosol.


IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is easier to use than soapy burlap or film wrap

If workers can use an aerosol spray, they can eliminate exterior static! Our Aerosol is tinted BLUE so you can see exactly where you've eliminated static. What could be simpler? If itís wet thereís no static. Workers donít have to ground or keep anything wet. No mixing or prepping. Just point and spray.


IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is a versatile product

Rags and film wrap are difficult or impossible to use in many situations where dangerous static might be present. You can spray IGT Aerosol into cuts, hot taps, onto squeezed off pipe, inside large diameter pipe, on tools or down keyholes to eliminate static. Since it's tinted blue workers can easily see where theyíve sprayed. Our aerosol is also formulated so you can use it to temperatures as low as -20F.


IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor is lab tested safe for use on PE and fusing and tested as effective as soapy burlap in eliminating static

GTI Lab tests independently confirm the IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor will not affect PE pipe or your fusing.

Click here for a PDF of GTI Lab test results of the effectiveness of IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor.


IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor makes your static safety procedures are easy for workers to comply with

Like everyone else, workers take the path of least resistance. When its 40 degrees outside, what worker wants to wrap wet rags or film? If your workers can use an aerosol they can eliminate exterior static!


The IGT Aerosol Reach Tool for remote static suppression

With our reach tool, your workers can spray to eliminate static from a safe distance. Simply attach our aerosol reach tool to the end of any DIY reach pole and your workers can dissipate static from 8' away. You can't do that with soapy burlap or film wrap. Click HERE to go to page for IGT Aerosol Reach Tool.


Local distribution of Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor and Aerosol Reach Tool
Northeast US - UPSCO - Tel: 315-497-1070
Southeast US - Consolidated Pipe and Supply - Toll free 800-467-7261
Southwest US - EGW Utilities - Tel: 972-446-1655
Canada - C. R. Wall and Co. - Tel: 877-427-9255

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