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Gas industry research on static in gas pipes

NAPSR Compendium of State Pipeline Safety Requirements and Initiatives Providing Increased Public Safety Levels compared to Code of Federal Regulations click here

Quick basics of pinholes in PE service lines click here

The higher probability of ignition of a broken natural gas pipeline
An analysis of 13 years of NTSB Final Reports

Also see April 2011 Pipeline and Gas Journal "Static Electricity risks to LDC assets" for a more comprehensive analysis (link below under "Articles")

6 year analysis comparing the frequency of ignitions of natural gas pipeline incidents to petroleum pipeline incidents
Office of Pipeline Safety incident reports from March 2004 to November 2010

Natural Gas Incident Worksheet  Petroleum Pipeline Incident Worksheet

Chemical Safety Board investigation of Kleen Energy natural gas explosion
Final Report and urgent recommendation to OSHA and states to prohibit purging of natural gas lines

Articles, research and news about static electricity in natural gas distribution systems
Pipeline and Gas Journal a 6 year analysis of OPS incident reports comparing frequency and
severity of natural gas leaks to petroleum pipeline leaks
(April 2011 issue)
Fire Findings a report on the cause of fires at gas risers by the fire investigators.

Static Control in PE Fuel Gas Pipe  A comprehensive report on all aspects of static in PE pipe by Dirk Smith
Analysis of Microscopic Leaks in Polyethylene Gas Distribution Piping by Batttelle Research
OSHA Bulletin on Static in Plastic Gas Pipe
Static Electric Pinholing Through Polyethylene Pipe  A field report by local gas distributor

NTSB Preliminary Report of San Bruno pipeline explosion
Preliminary Report

TV News footage of natural gas incidents
Gas migrating underground
NewsChannel9 on camera video of blowing gas igniting during repair operation

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