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Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor

Why IGT Aerosol is a superior static dissipation procedure to soapy burlap or plastic film

1. Ionix Aerosol is less expensive to use. Soapy burlap and plastic film need to be hand applied. The cost of labor to wrap the pipe with these products is expensive. When you take into account the cost of the labor to properly apply burlap/rags you realize hand wrapping is not inexpensive.

With Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor you point and spray. Any pipe surface wet with Ionix is immediately static free.

 2. Ionix Aerosol is more effective. Soapy burlap IS NOT a static eliminator. It conducts the static electricity charge to the ground but doesn’t dissipate the charge on contact. If the soapy water dries out or misses a spot, it cannot conduct the static charge away and the static charge remains. If the burlap does not have a good contact with ground, it will not conduct away the charge.

Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor IS an anti-stat. It does not need to be grounded to be effective. When sprayed on a surface, it immediately dissipates any static charge present without grounding. It does not need to be kept wet. It will continue to dissipate any static charge even after it dries – until it is washed off the surface with water.

3. Ionix Aerosol is an easier to use safety procedure. Soapy burlap is not clean or easy. Users often do not want to take the time to use it – especially in colder weather. No safety procedure is effective if users find it inconvenient to use. No more carrying around all the water, burlap and soap.

Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor makes it easy for users to be safe! Just point and spray.

4. Ionix Aerosol will not affect PE pipe or electro or butt fusing operations.Ionix Aerosol is water based and contains no reactive chemicals. It cannot react with PE. To prep surfaces for fusing, simply wash off with water.

5. Ionix is specifically formulated for natural gas operations. Unlike other aerosols and anti stats, Ionix Aerosol contains NO flammable, hazardous or environmentally harmful materials. We do not use propane as a propellant like most aerosols.

Cost benefit analysis

Assume an hourly rate of $25 per man hour to wrap the burlap or plastic film warp static dissipation procedure. The Ionix Aerosol costs $12 per can and contains approximately 13 ounces of anti stat product. Since the time to wrap the pipe is eliminated, once ˝ hour of labor time to wrap pipe is saved per one aerosol can, your company is profiting from an IGT Aerosol can.

 It should be easy to save ˝ hour of labor per IGT Aerosol can. One ounce of product atomized as an aerosol spray is sufficient to spray pipe at one repair job. Therefore, one aerosol can will easily have enough product to eliminate 13 times of hand wrapping burlap or plastic wrapping and justify it’s cost. Each can contains enough product to spray 130 square feet of surface.

Cost to deploy. You only need 1 can of IGT Aerosol per truck or $12 per truck.

 Testing for suitability of use.  There are 3 tests we would expect you to conduct to determine product suitability for use in your systems:

  1. Anti stat ability
  2. Non flammability
  3. Material effect

If you have a lab, they can easily conduct these tests. However, utilities without labs can also conduct acceptable tests in the field without any hazard.

  1. Anti stat ability. The purpose of this test is to validate the anti stat properties of Ionix Aerosol. Using a piece of PE pipe, rub plastic, wool or some other comparable material against the pipe. Using an electrostatic voltmeter, verify a charge is present. Once a static charge is indicated on the meter, WHILE HOLDING THE VOLTMETER TO THE PIPE, spray the pipe with Ionix Aerosol. The meter will immediately indicate the charge is dissipated. If you do not have an electrostatic voltmeter, you can still approximate a test. Rub the pipe and move it close to the hairs on your arm. You will feel the presence of a static charge through the hairs on your arm. Move the pipe from your arm, and quickly spray with IGT Aerosol and move the pipe back to the hairs on your arm. The hairs on your arm will not indicate static indicating IGT Aerosol has dissipated the static.
  2.  Flammability. The purpose of this test is to validate the non-flammability of IGT Aerosol. This test should be conducted in a lab or outside with caution since an open flame is required. In a lab, set up an open flame. Spray the IGT Aerosol into the flame. It will not ignite and depending upon the nature of the flame, IGT Aerosol might douse the flame. Utilities without labs can conduct the same test outside with proper fire control procedures.
  3. Material effect. The purpose of this test is to validate IGT Aerosol will not affect the pipe.  Spray IGT on sample of PE pipe. Wait and wipe clean. Compare surface with comparable sample of PE pipe for hardness and color change. To test for fusing effect, simply wash off with water until clean to touch and electrofuse or butt fuse samples.

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