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Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge for eliminating interior static
in poly gas gathering pipe, poly gas vent stack, poly gas flares and tank vent stacks
Ionix Aerosol Static Suppressor for gathering pipe repair operations

Manifestations of static electricity in PE gas gathering pipe

Static in poly pipe causes pinhole leaks that can catch fire burning through the pipe and can engulf the wellhead. It can also seriously shock workers.This static can also cause ignitions in gas gathering pipe repair operations.

Technical background of static in plastic gas pipe

This static electricity is generated by the passage of a gas inside a pipe. The friction resulting from this gas movement causes static inside the pipe. This static also induces a static charge on the outside of the pipe. Ionix Static Eliminators eliminate static generated inside poly gas pipe which causes ignitions and pinhole leaks. Ionix accomplishes this by reducing the surface resistivity of natural gas which dramatically increases the safety by reducing ignitions and integrity of poly gas piping systems by preventing electrostatic pinholes. Ionix is equally effective in metal or plastic systems.

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge for eliminating interior pipe static in plastic gas pipe

Ionix Gas Cartridges are installed in a housing on the outlet side of the gas line of the phase separator. When gas goes through our Static Suppression Cartridge, the gas is treated by passage through the Ionix cartridge. Static is dissipated inside the pipeline system from point of introduction to the point where it joins untreated Ionix gas. The cartridge is changed once a year. Cartridges are sized based upon pipe ID, pressure rating and flow rate. The Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge works automatically when gas passes through it.

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge for eliminating interior pipe static in poly gas vent stacks and flare lines

Ionix Gas Cartridges are installed in a housing at the beginning of the gas vent stack, flare line or tank vent prevents static from developing downstream to atmosphere. This reduces the risk of a static ignition.

IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor for eiminating static in gas gathering PE pipe repair operations

Static in PE gas gathering repair such as tie-ins can be suppressed using IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor. Using a methanol drip, substitute IGT Aerosol Static Suppressor instead of methanol. Position the drip about 10' upstream of the intended repair location and allow the gas flow to carry the IGT Aerosol fluid downstream. It will dissipate the interior static allowing for safe repair opertions. It can also be sprayed on the outisde of the gathering pipe to eliminate exterior static.

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