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Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge design parameters
In gas distribution test of Ionix Static Suppression Cartidge

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge for eliminating interior pipe static and pinholes

Technical background of static inside plastic gas pipe

Static is generated by the passage of a gas inside a pipe. The friction resulting from this gas movement causes static inside the pipe. This static also induces a static charge on the outside of the pipe. Ionix Static Eliminators for natural gas distribution eliminate static generated inside PE gas distribution pipe which causes ignitions and pinhole leaks. Ionix accomplishes this by reducing the surface resistivity of natural gas which dramatically increases the safety by reducing ignitions and integrity of natural gas distribution systems by preventing electrostatic pinholes. Ionix is equally effective in metal or plastic systems.

Interior plastic pipe static is the primary ignition source of gas fires

An analysis of Office of Pipeline Safety Incident reports shows conclusively that static ignites leaking gas. By suppressing that interior pipe static in your system you eliminate the primary ignition source of gas fires. Click here to read the report.

Interior plastic pipe static is the primary cause of pinhole leaks in PE pipe

A 3 year in system test of Ionix Static Suppression Cartridges reduced one municipal operators PE repai costs by over 90%. Click here to read the report.

Interior plastic pipe static is the primary source of electrical shock of field workers

Workers have been shocked during squeezeoff and O&M operations due to static buildup inside plastic pipe requiring medical care. These charges are created by internal static.

Ionix Static Suppression Cartridge for interior static suppression in plastic pipe

Ionix Gas Cartridges are installed in a housing in the incoming pipeline at the city gate. When odorized gas passes through our static suppression Cartridge, the gas is treated by passage through the Ionix cartridge. Static is dissipated inside the pipeline system through to customer's point of service (assuming no untreated gas co-mingles with the Ionix treated gas). The cartridge is changed once a year. Cartridges are sized based upon pipe ID, pressure rating and flow rate.

Ionix Gas Cartridge effectiveness in an actual PE distribution systems have been verified by an independent lab. Click here to download the report by Nicor Technologies.

Quick design parameters to install Ionix Static Suppression cartridges click here

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